Colorado Springs Festival of Lights


For questions related to registration, please contact Kevin Leonardo at

A non-profit organization for the Festival of Lights Parade is defined as a local organization with income largely derived from donations and grants. If you have a question as to whether your organization is a non-profit or commercial entry, please email

We accept a range of payment methods, including credit cards, ACH transfers, and conventional paper checks. If opting for paper checks, please make them payable to “Festival of Lights, Inc.” and send them via mail to: Festival of Lights, Inc. P.O. Box 967 Colorado Springs, CO, 80901. All entry payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Participation Guidelines

Timing and Arrival
  • Entries should be in their assigned staging positions by 4:00 p.m. for roll call and judging. Arrival can begin as early as 2:30 p.m.
Decoration and Theme Expression
  • We encourage entries to showcase an array of lights and sounds, and kindly suggest that vehicles towing entries be decorated as well. Entries will be evaluated for their creative use of lighting, festive spirit, and alignment with the official parade theme, Sounds of the Season.
  • Please ensure that your entry design aligns with the photo or sketch you’ve submitted via the official Parade Entry Application.
  • Participants are requested to wear costumes that complement their float theme, their entity or organization, or at a minimum, in holiday decor.
Application Requirements
  • Complete applications should include the Entry Fee, Signed Parade Application Form, Completed and Signed Liability Waiver Form, Proof of Insurance, and Proof of Non-Profit Status if applicable.
Float Operation and Arrangements
  • In consideration of traffic regulations, please leave cars at the end of the parade route. Floats are not permitted to be driven in traffic.To ensure smooth progression, we ask that the length of your entry be within the equivalent of one semi tractor-trailer unit.
  • To prioritize safety, each float should be equipped with a fire extinguisher.
    It’s recommended that enclosed spaces are well-ventilated, particularly when using portable generators.
  • Equestrian units will be provided with staging guidelines prior to the parade and animals are not to be ridden outside of the staging zone before the parade.
  • Kindly ensure that any animals are cared for in terms of cleaning up before, during, and after the parade.
Restrictions and Conduct
  • Entries should refrain from promoting political, social, or specific causes, ensuring a festive atmosphere.
  • For safety, no items (candy, etc.) should be thrown or handed out to the crowd during the parade.
  • To preserve a comfortable environment, refrain from using sirens, horns, discharging weapons, fireworks, or creating loud noises. Motorcycles and cars should avoid revving their engines.
  • With the exception of the Santa float at the end, standard Santa Claus costumes will not be allowed (Santa Hats are permitted).
  • Smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages are not permitted before or during the parade.
  • When children under 18 are present, we kindly ask for the presence of an adult.
General Guidance and Courtesies
  • Considering the significance of this citywide event, we encourage all entries to contribute to its overall quality.
  • We kindly ask that you follow the guidance of parade staff, contributing to a memorable experience for everyone. Your cooperation will brighten this event for thousands of people, both young and old.
  • Please help maintain cleanliness by leaving your area as you found it.

The Festival of Lights parade committee reserves the right to remove from the parade, at any time, any entrant not conforming to rules and regulations.

Completed application packets must include the following:

  • Completed and signed Parade Application Form.
  • Completed and signed Liability Waiver.
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • Entry details, including approximate size of vehicles and participants